Posts from March 2019

Grace.Forward! – 3/28/2019

Hey, Grace’rs This weekend we celebrate our 14th Anniversary as we get ready to follow Jesus out of the boat…onto the water…and make our commitments to the Grace.Forward project…jump-starting our bold reckless journey to year 15! I’ve been praying for you as God builds your faith capacity leading up to commitment God is stirring in […]

Grace.Forward! – 3/21/2019

Hey, Grace’rs Tomorrow (Friday) I’m having shoulder surgery. All prayers are appreciated! _______________ If you missed worship this weekend you missed the big announcement: So far a handful of our leaders have turned in their pledges for Grace.Foward! and some cash toward their commitments…enough to enable us to send $4000 to a congregation in Rwanda […]

Grace.Forward! – 3/14/2019

Hey, Grace’rs _______________ Countdown to our 15th anniversary: Grace Moment #13 January 15/16, 2005 Walt Kallestad, Sr. Pastor of Community Church of Joy, and Pastor Tim, officially announce the vision for a new church start at Joy’s weekend worship services. _______________ This weekend: We look at how grace moves us forward into our neighborhoods and into […]

Grace.Forward! – 3/7/2019

Hey, Grace’rs _______________ If you want to walk on water… …You have to get out of the boat! _______________ This weekend: You’ll want to wear your water-walking shoes this weekend as Jesus calls us to step out of our comfort zone, into our fear, and ultimately into life-transforming trust through the invitation to walk on […]