Posts from June 2019

Grace.Forward! – 6/27/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, He’s not a part of the Marvel or DC Universe, but is a part of the Bible Hall of Faith. But why he’s there is a head scratcher. This weekend we look at the story of Strong Man Samson. This is one of my (Pastor Tim) favorite stories and I’m looking forward to […]

Grace.Forward! – 6/20/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, Some of our Christian brothers and sisters wrestle with the issue of women in leadership. Some of our Lutheran friends don’t allow women to be pastors. And yet…scandalously, the first person to proclaim the risen Christ was a woman.  This weekend we look at her story as we continue our series on Unlikely Heroes […]

Grace.Forward! – 6/13/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, Dads Matter! And we’re going to host a big, boffo celebration for dads—and all the men of Grace—this weekend. The service will include a special Father’s Day Jeopardy! competition, a cool video, a chance to honor dads, and great worship and communion. Saturday Night we’ll take that celebration further with FREE Root Beer […]

Grace.Forward! – 6/6/2019

Hey, Grace’rs,   Last weekend was another one of those “I’m so honored to be a part of Grace” worship events.  Our Vocal Group, The Noise, led the all three services with a power-packed musical presentation of the Gospel.  (It was also another of those “you simply can’t miss Grace worship or you really miss […]