Posts from August 2019

Grace.Forward! – 8/28/19

Hey, Grace’rs,   This weekend we continue our look at Christianity 101: What is the Church? With fewer people believing the church matters to faith, why does Jesus place such a high premium on it? Is it essential to bold, reckless, faith? If you missed the message on marriage from last weekend you can view it here. Families with last names […]

Grace.Forward! – 8/22/19

Hey, Grace’rs, Jan and I are celebrating 40 years of marriage on Sunday so this weekend we’ll look at what God has to say about marriage, and specifically, what God has to say about a small but emotionally-charged, highly misunderstood word: Submit. If you missed the message from last week, Why Christianity? you can see it here. This is also […]

Grace.Forward! – 8/15/19

Hey, Grace’rs, Wow! What a great weekend of worship last weekend. It was good to see so many families back from vacation. And Alan, our pastoral guy director, was in the groove as he preached the message for us. You can watch it here. This weekend we continue our new Series: Christianity 101, by asking the question: Why […]

Grace.Forward! – 8/8/19

Hey, Grace’rs, It’s Back To School Weekend at Community of Grace! We’ll be honoring all of our educators with prayer, a blessing, and a gift. And…we’ll celebrate all of our kindergartners by giving each of them a new Bible. To mark this special weekend: Free Ice-cream after Saturday@5. We continue our new Series: Christianity 101, by taking a […]