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FAITH5 Plus 1 – 12/17/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 assignment: Invite friends to our Christmas Eve services. FAITH5: Tonight and every night before you head to bed spend some time with those you love and do this faith-building experience together (or, do it alone as a time of before bed devotions, keeping a journal and recording the following as […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 8/6/2017

PLUS 1 Assignment: Find creative ways to care for God’s creation this week (pick up trash…recycle…plant something…) Scripture of the Week Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth… Even youths will faint and be weary, and the young will fall […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 7/30/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 assignment: Think of one person this week you want to pray for all week long. Make a commitment to pray for that person every day. When you do FAITH5, take turns praying for your “prayer person’ so that your whole household is joining you. FAITH5: Tonight and every night before […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 2/19/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, for the next several weeks we will be using a souped-up version of FAITH5. You will notice special things to do each day to embed the message for the week into your heart and soul. This will be especially engaging for families with kids. (Note for Tuesday…you can find Luther’s Small Catechism on […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – Jan 1, 2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Happy New Year! Your Plus 1 assignment: For one day this week, practice saying nothing but nice things to the people you with whom you come into contact. Pick the day together, if doing this as a family, and report back at night on how you did! FAITH5: Tonight and every night before […]

FAITH5 Plus 1, 8/21/2016

Hey, Grace’rs, We’re giving FAITH5 a small twist: FAITH5 plus 1. The plus 1 is a chance as individuals or as a family to perform a reckless act of grace throughout the week. This week the plus 1 is to “pollute” the climate around you with positive, grace-filled words, acts, and images. Make a commitment […]