eGrace 1/12/2017

Hey, Grace’rs,

Happy New Year!

Last weekend we launched our year-long journey into the Prodigal Reformation with a 5 week series: The Reckless Power of Prodigal Reforming Grace. This weekend we turn to the second aspect of God’s radical grace: Rooted in Grace (Luke 18:9-14). This mini-series is based on the Measures created last year as a part of an 8 month project to fine tune and put in writing our mission as a congregation. For those who want to see the whole document of what we created you can find it here. Families with last names starting with G-K have the food table this weekend.

Reckless Generosity:
As a part of our year-long deep dive into God’s Radical grace, we’re going to celebrate a monthly opportunity for reckless generosity.  On the first weekend of every month I want to invite you, if you do not currently tithe (give 10% of your income to the church) to try it for that one weekend.  Based on how much you earn each week, give 10% of it to the church and begin the journey into God’s gift of tithing.  Our first Tithing Weekend: February 4/5.  

High, Deep, and Wide, Saturday, January 14 A one-day Summit organized around a team-oriented pentathlon (five manly, whacky games) and sessions that will take you high, deep, and wide into the adventure of grace. $15 for food. (There will be no 6:15 am Bible Study that Saturday.) More info here.

Men’s Bible Study: Resumes Saturday, January 21 @6:15.

The Man-Cave “So What Do I Do Now Now that Football is Over” BBQ, Sunday, February 19. $5! Register here.

Women: New Bible Studies launch next week. Check out the lobby for all the information or go here.

YOLO (Active Adults): Breakfast on Wednesday, January 19 with an FBI agent talking about domestic terrorism.  Already 100 people have signed up!  Sign up on Sunday!

Newcomer Orientation, Sunday, February 19@11:30.  
New to Grace? Come and learn more about the mission of Grace.  Free lunch and childcare.  Register here. 

Stats and Stuff
Attendance: 759
General $20,537 + $1,973.75 online/text = $22,510.75.  Hunger $25 online/text.  Missions $86.25 online/text.  Youth $10 online/text.  Refresh the Campus $25.  Noisy Offering $39.42

See you this weekend!