eGrace 12/1/2016

Hey, Grace’rs,

Make a Difference Day is this Saturday!
1) Lake Pleasant Mobile Home Park Christmas Party/Manger Build. Saturday, December 3@10:00. We need lots of folks to bring their hammers and builder’s spirit to help the kids build their mangers. Contact Alycia at for more information.
2) Fill out Christmas cards for the Angel Tree. Hand-writing notes to the kids collected from their parents. Saturday, December 3@4 in the lobby.

Weekend Worship:
Our Christmas Goes to the Movies series continues: A Christmas Carol—the iconic story of Ebenezer Scrooge (movingly portrayed by Scrooge MacDuck). Families with last names starting with A-F have the food table this weekend.

Grace Christmas Show
This Sunday: An Evening In December…a don’t miss musical presentation of the Christmas story. Performances at 2:30 and 5 with a “Christmas party” between shows (3:15-4:30) with Santa, hot chocolate, and Christmas cookies. Tickets are $2 per person, available online ( and scroll down to An Evening in December) or in the lobby. Bring some friends and remember to bring some Christmas cookies to share!

Annual meeting of the congregation: Sunday, December 11@11:30. We will affirm 2017 board members and the 2017 budget.

Christmas Eve Service Times:
Friday, December 23 (Christmas Eve Eve): 6:30 pm with carols and candle light outside
Saturday, December 24: 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30 (Scripture/Carols/Communion and outdoor candle light)

Sunday, December 25: 8:10, 9:15, 10:30 Annual Grace Christmas Party Worship Service with communion

Men: Coming in January: High, Deep, and Wide, Saturday, January 14 A one-day event organized around a team-oriented pentathlon (five manly, whacky games) and sessions that will take you high, deep, and wide into the adventure of grace. $15 for food. Sign up in the lobby.

Stats and Stuff
Attendance: 734
Offerings: General $13,380 + $1,913.75 online/text + $5,895 ACH = $21,188.75. Youth $150 + $25 online/text = $175. Hunger $30 online/text. Missions $81.25 online/text. Turkeys $170. Noise Youth Choir $30
Samaritan $40 ACH. Refresh the Campus $50 ACH. Noisy Offering $106.56. Tithe Challenge $325. See you this weekend!

A Big “Atta-Grace” to you for the amazing response to our Thanksgiving food drive for Lake Pleasant Mobile Home Park Estates. After delivering dozens of boxes throughout the neighborhood, we took the leftover food donations to a local food bank—300 pounds of food! Many, many families were blessed with food last week because of you!

See you this weekend.