eGrace – 12/29/2016

Hey, Grace’rs,

This is one of those rare calendar events where you can either end 2016 with worship (Saturday@5) or start 2017 with worship (Sunday@8:10, 9:15, 10:30).  Our Theme:  God’s New Year’s Resolutions for Your Life!  If you are worshipping Saturday, come at 4:15 for free food and a New Years Trivia Game prior to the service!

Coming Up:
New Series for 2017 in honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in October:  The Prodigal Reformation.  First up: The Reckless Power of Prodigal Reforming Grace

Men: Coming in January:
The Men’s Saturday am Bible Study resumes January 7 at 6:15 am.

High, Deep, and Wide, Saturday, January 14  A one-day Summit organized around a team-oriented pentathlon (five manly, whacky games) and sessions that will take you high, deep, and wide into the adventure of grace.  $15 for food.  Sign up in the lobby.  (There will be no 6:15 am Bible Study that Saturday.)  More information here.

Women: New Bible Studies launch in January.  Check out the lobby for all the information.

Stats and Stuff
Christmas Eve Attendance (Friday/Saturday):  1,744
Offerings: General $38,811.50.. Hunger $50. Refresh the Campus $300.  Noisy Offering $194.51

Christmas Day (Sunday): 200
Offerings:  General $27,402+ $2,092.50 online/text = $29,494.50.  Mission $400 + $422.50 online/text = $822.50.  FMSC $400.  Hunger $20 online/text .  Noise Youth Choir $3,030.  Refresh the Campus $25.  Youth $10 online/text .  Women $100 online/text.

God’s good news for you this weekend:  Behold!  I make all things new!

See you this weekend!