eGrace 1/4/2017

Hey, Grace’rs,

Happy New Year!  

2017 is an historic year in Christianity—the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  We’ll be spending our worship weekends deep diving into the great truths of grace re-discovered by Martin Luther and what it means for our lives each day.  This weekend—So You Want to Be A Christian!  Over the next 5 weeks we’ll look at some of the most transformational stories in the Bible to help us understand what it looks like to follow Jesus.  First up:  Luke 15:1-10.  Families with last names starting with A-F have the food table this weekend.  (Pre-K returns this weekend as well.)

The Men’s Saturday am Bible Study is holding a special “check it out” experience this Saturday@6:15.  Give it a try!

High, Deep, and Wide, Saturday, January 14  A one-day Summit organized around a team-oriented pentathlon (five manly, whacky games) and sessions that will take you high, deep, and wide into the adventure of grace.  $15 for food.  Sign up in the lobby.  (There will be no 6:15 am Bible Study that Saturday.)  More info here.

The Man-Cave “So What Do I Do Now Now that Football is Over” BBQ, Sunday, February 19.  $5!  Register here.

Women: New Bible Studies launch next week.  Check out the lobby for all the information or go here.

Performing Arts: We are now taking registrations for our Kids Choirs and our Youth Vocal Group—The Noise.  More info here.

Stats and Stuff
Attendance: 480
2016 Year End and Sat Worship Contributions:
General $9,835.50 + $25,409.75 online/text = $35,245.25.  LPE $500.  Mission $191.25 online/text.  FMSC $500.  Hunger $30 online/text.  Youth $75 online/text.  Refresh the Campus $125

2017 Contributions (Sunday)
General $7,988 + $810 online/text + $5,495 ACH = $14,293.  Samaritan $40 ACH.  Noise Youth Choir $30.  Refresh the Campus $50 + $50 ACH = $100.  Noisy Offering $46.27.

See you this weekend!