eGrace 2/23/2017

Hey, Grace’rs,

This weekend we continue the series we started last week:The Prodigal’s Prayer. We’re digging into the Lord’s Prayer and not only what it teaches us about prayer, but about what it does in and us through us when we pray it. After each service we’ll have a brief 7 minute huddle with families with kids to go through an exercise together on the topic. Plus a special edition of FAITH5 throughout the series. This week: What does it mean when we pray: Your Kingdom Come? Families with last names starting with S-Z have the food table this weekend.

Feed My Starving Children Chili Cookoff, this Saturday, @4:15. Our annual chili cookoff is back. Bring a pot of your best chili, and/or come and sample some great chili recipes. Give a small donation to what you think is the winning chili. All monies go to our FMSC food pack.

Coming Up:
Ash Wednesday Service: Next Wednesday, @6:30 pm, we begin our journey to Easter as Ash Wednesday begins Lent. We’ll have a multi-generational worship service with communion and the marking of the cross with ashes.

Feed My Starving Children Food Pack: March 24/25 at Grace. We’ll be packing 100,000 meals in 2 hour shifts. Sign up for your shift here.

Stats and Stuff
Attendance: 720
Offerings: General $17,103 + $3,325 online/text = $20,428. Hunger $30 online/text. Mission $100 + $50 online/text = $150. FMSC $805. Noise Youth Choir $230. Refresh the Campus $75. Noisy Offering $40.85

A reminder of the once in a lifetime trip to Germany in September to tour the Luther/Reformation sites. More information in the lobby or at

I look forward to worshipping with you this weekend.