eGrace 6/28/2018

Hey, Grace’rs,

This weekend: We wrap up our series: Would the Real God Please Stand Up? Using as our starting point: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, we’ll look at what the glory of God says about the real God. Families with last names starting with A-F have the food table this weekend.

Coming Saturday, July 7, after the 5 pm worship service: Chocolate Buffet and Water Balloon Games! Bring your favorite chocolate dessert to worship with you and we’ll indulge after the service and cool off with a few quick water balloon games.

Coming Up:
The month of July: Ask Pastor Tim. For several of the weekends of July your questions will set the agenda for the message. Send your questions to and he will choose the top questions. I will answer them sight unseen (at least at the Saturday@5 service).

The month of August: Helping Homes Thrive. Topics: Screen Time. Faith Time. Play Time. Soul Time. Face Time.

Also Coming Up:

Rehearsals for the Magical Night of Music begin this Sunday @1.

Children’s Musical Theatre Camp@Grace: July 16-20. K-12th grade. Register in the lobby or at and hit the Musical Theatre Camp tile.

Rites of Passage Program for Girls and Boys. Coming this fall. For boys 7th-9th grade and their dads/father-figures and girls 7th-9th grade and their moms/mother-figures. Email for more information or sign up in the lobby.

Stats and Stuff:
Attendance: 525
Offerings: General $10,809 + $1,350 online/text = $12,159. Noise Youth Choir $685. Hunger $130 online/text. Missions $175online/text. Youth $60 online/text. Noisy Offering $49.69

For the last few years some of your fellow Grace’rs have been donating extra money to our Refresh the Campus fund. That fund, so far, has enabled us to re-seal and re-stripe the parking lot and repaint the exterior of the worship center. This weekend you will notice the first phase of our interior refresh. It will only be newly fresh this weekend!