eGrace 7/12/2018

Hey, Grace’rs,

The pace of life is radically different from when I was a kid. Sundays were sacred…literally. Nothing was open. No stores. Very few restaurants. No kids sports were played. It was a day set aside for worship. It seems a quaint, old-fashioned idea today when there are so many many things one can do instead of worship.

So why set aside an hour a week for worship? Why might worship be a priority for you or your family? I hope you’ll take the time these next few days to think through how you might answer those questions. They’re good ones, aren’t they?

Coming Up:

Newcomer Orientation: Sunday, August 5@11:30. This is your last opportunity to become a member of Grace before we vote on calling Kathleen to be our Associate Pastor. Free pizza and child-care. RSVP to Kendra at

August 11/12: Meet our Associate Pastor Candidate, Kathleen Lotz and her family. I will be interviewing Kathleen during all three worship services. You will have a chance to meet her between or after services.

August 26: Meeting of the Congregation to Call Kathleen Lotz to be our Associate Pastor. The meeting will take place at 9:45 (we will shorten the 8:45 service a bit and start the 10:15 a bit late.) Anyone can attend the meeting but only members can vote. Each member will sign in prior to the vote.

The month of August: Helping Homes Thrive. Topics: Screen Time. Faith Time. Play Time. Face Time.

Magic of Music concert: Sunday, August 26@2 and 5 pm. Tickets available soon.

Also Coming Up:

Children’s Musical Theatre Camp@Grace: July 16-20. K-12th grade. Register in the lobby or at and hit the Musical Theatre Camp tile.

Stats and Stuff:
Attendance: 520
Offerings: General $11,400.80 + $1,379 online/text + $207 Thrivent Choice = $12,986.80. LPE Backpack/School Supplies $46 +. $200 online/text = $246. Hunger $25 online/text. Missions $70 online/text. Youth $55 online/text. Noisy Offering $44.28

Here’s one good reason why worship is important: God has a gift of grace for you!