eGrace 7/19/2018

Hey, Grace’rs,

A week ago I had abdominal hernia surgery. I’ve had this hernia since I was in my 20’s but at that time, because of where the hernia was located, there was no surgical option. Now there is! But, because of where the hernia was located the recovery time is far slower (and more painful) than that of other hernia locations. Or…maybe I’m just a big baby, which I’m willing to admit. I’m a horrible patient. Thankfully, Jan is an amazing support and tirelessly puts up with my whining. 🙂

In spite of all of this, I am somehow in someway going to be with you this weekend! And won’t miss another weekend until sometime in February. We’ll continue our Ask Pastor Tim series with this question: In the Apostle’s Creed we say that after Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried he descended into hell. Why did he go there? Is there a “hell”?? If Jesus “ descended into hell” then there must be a “hell” right?

Once again, a big big thanks to Alan for filling in for me last weekend. I had a chance to watch his sermon on our YouTube channel. If you missed it, it is well worth the 20 minutes.

Coming Up:

Newcomer Orientation: Sunday, August 5@11:30. This is your last opportunity to become a member of Grace before we vote on calling Kathleen to be our Associate Pastor. Free pizza and child-care. RSVP to Kendra at

August 11/12: Meet our Associate Pastor Candidate, Kathleen Lotz and her family. I will be interviewing Kathleen during all three worship services. You will have a chance to meet her between or after services.

August 26: Meeting of the Congregation to Call Kathleen Lotz to be our Associate Pastor. The meeting will take place at 9:45 (we will shorten the 8:45 service a bit and start the 10:15 a bit late.) Anyone can attend the meeting but only members can vote. Each member will sign in prior to the vote.

The month of August: Helping Homes Thrive. Topics: Screen Time. Faith Time. Play Time. Face Time.

Magic of Music concert: Sunday, August 26@2 and 5 pm. Tickets available soon.

Stats and Stuff:
Attendance: 406
Offerings: General $19,083.50 + $3,849.50 online/text = $22,933. Hunger $215 online/text. Missions $70 online/text. Youth $15 online/text. LPE School Supplies $455. Noisy Offering $25.97

Another great worship weekend in store!