eGrace 9/27/2018

Hey, Grace’rs,

This weekend we officially welcome our new Associate Pastor, Kathleen, and her family, to Grace!  At each service we will do a brief service of Installation.  After the Saturday@5 service we’ll have a party—A Crockpot Potluck!  If you can, bring a crockpot meal or salad to share.  Since this is a 5th weekend, all Grace’rs are invited to bring food for the food table.

Our Series on Dangerously Good Faith continues as we look at Jesus and the D Students (Mark 1:16-20) and the kinds of people Jesus calls to follow him.

If you missed worship this past weekend you can watch the message on The Story of Radically Unfair Grace you can watch it here.

For all the information on what’s happening at Grace go to  Or…head to the App store and download the Grace App (search Community of Grace Peoria, AZ)

New Podcast for Parents:  The Wonder of Parenting with Dr. Michael Gurian and Tim Wright.  Each week Michael and I will look at the call of parenting through the lens of brain science, our own experiences, and practical insights.  Go to to subscribe.  And please leave a 5 star review!

Coming Up This Fall:

Sermon series: Would the Real Christians Please Stand Up! A Reckless Guide to Dangerously Good Faith

September 29/30 Jesus and the D Students (Mark 1:16-20)  Kathleen’s Installation Weekend
October 6/7 Jesus and the Tree Climber (Luke 19:1-10)
October 13/14 A Story of Dangerously Good Christianity (2 Corinthians 8/9)
October 20/21: Pastor Kathleen preaches her first sermon:  Jesus and the Wrong Kinds of People (Mark 2:13-17)

Christmas Show Rehearsals begin this Sunday@1 if you want to be a part of the program!

For the kids:
Grace Notes Choir, Wednesdays for our K-5th graders.

For the Youth:
Reckless meets every Sunday at 5:30-7 for 6th grade through HS:

The Noise Youth Performing Group launches Sunday, September 16@1 for 6th grade through HS.

MenTooBoys Breakfast and Water Obstacle Course, Saturday, October 13@8:00 am.  For boys Kindergarten on up, Dads, and the Men of Grace.  Free!

WomenTooGirls.  Saturday, October 13@11:30 am.  For girls Kindergarten on up, Moms, and the Women of Grace.  Crockpot lunch and intergenerational trivia.  Free!

Men’s Retreat: One Year to Live.  Discovering your God-given purpose as a man.  November 2-4.

Stats and Stuff:
Attendance: 560
Offerings: General $11,804.50 + $2,243.25 online/text = $14,047.75  (OUCH!)
LPE (Tim’s Books) $7
Hunger $25 online/text
Missions $75 online/text
Youth $65 online/text
Noisy Offering $73.25

Big, big weekend of celebration and grace.  See you there.