eGrace for 1/18/2018

Hey, Grace’rs,

What does the Minnesota Vikings’ Minneapolis Miracle have to do with God? What does God have to do with the Minneapolis Miracle? This weekend: Week Two of our New Series: Would The Real God Please Stand Up! This week we turn to the Creation of Human Beings and what it says about God. Families with last names starting with L-R have the food table this weekend.

If you missed the message from last weekend, you can view it here.

This Saturday after our 5 pm worship service: Enjoy a meal after worship and a fun activity/competition. $2 per person/$5 per family suggested donation. Menu this Saturday: Our Feed My Starving Children Chili Cook-Off. If you have a great Chili to share, bring it along!

For K-6th grade: Sunday Night Live. A new monthly VBS event starting at 4:30. Free Ice Cream included!

Jr/Sr High: Reckless this Sunday@5:00 this week as they participate in Sunday Night Live!

YOLO (Active Adults) Tour of the Islamic Community Center, January 24. Sign up in the Lobby on the weekend.

MenTooBoys breakfast, Saturday, February 17@8 am. For dads, sons, men, and boys without dads around. This month: Free Breakfast and a chance to learn how to throw a football, and more! Sign up in the lobby.

The Helping Boys Thrive Summit, Saturday, February 24 (Downtown Phoenix). For educators, parents, and anyone wanting to inspire our boys to good manhood! We have changed the name a bit to open up the event to public educators and other who work with boys outside of the Christian community. Information here (until we move to the new site): However, because Grace is a sponsor, you can register for $20 ($15 discount!). You can let your friends know, too! Register here.

Feed My Starving Children, March 2-3.

BJ Thomas in concert, Sunday, April 15. Tickets on sale starting March 3/4.

Stats and Stuff:
Attendance: 712
Offerings: General – $23,337.50 + $3,101.25 online/text = $26,438.75. Noisy Offering $90.36. Missions $60 online/text. Hunger $25 online/text. Youth $35 online/text. Grace Race $150 online/text

Does God choose a side in football games? (If so, let’s hope it’s the side of the Vikings again!)