eGrace for 10/5/2017

Hey, Grace’rs

In light of the events in Las Vegas, we’re going to move our True Life Reformation Story to next weekend. This weekend: A Gospel Response to Las Vegas. Families with last names starting with G-K have the food table this weekend.

If you missed worship last weekend, you can get caught up by watching my message on the promise of the Gospel.

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to support the mission of Grace while you were gone, you can do so here: Scroll down to the on-line giving tile.

Coming Up in Worship:
Oct. 14/15: A True Life Reformation Story
Oct. 21/22: The Reforming Power of Faith (Plus the grand opening of our new Grace Kids Lego Room!)
Oct. 28/29: A Special Reformation Celebration (with a party Reformation/Halloween party after worship)

The Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study meets Saturday@6:30 am.

For the Women: A Man’s Manly Guide to the Bible—Women’s Edition, launches on Tuesday, October 17, 6:30-8:00 pm. It will run for four weeks (with Halloween off). Led by Pastor Tim. Free, unless you’d like to purchase a Study Bible ($25.00). Register@ and scroll down to the Women’s Bible Study tile.

Mission Opportunities: (Go to and hit the outreach button for all the information)
Love our Schools Day, Saturday, Oct. 14. We’ll be writing teacher appreciation notes, doing some “busy” work for the teachers, and the kids will make decorations for the Teacher’s Lounge at Partridge. 8-10 am.

Trunk or Treat at Lake Pleasant Mobile Home Park Estates. Saturday, October 21@6:15 pm. Decorate your car. Hand out candy. Work the games. Lots of fun and lots of ways to serve.

YOLO (You Only Live Once Active Adults)
The first breakfast of the new season launches on Wednesday, October 18@8:30 am. Your guest speaker is….Pastor Tim! I’ll be taking the folks on a Reformation Adventure! Tickets and Sign up in the Lobby.

Moms: A new gathering time for moms raising children and/or women in the role of mom. The Well has it’s first official gathering on Monday, November 6 to look at how to create fun, sacred experiences for the Advent/Christmas season. Please register at and scroll down to the well. Free, but we want to make sure we have enough volunteers for childcare.

Stats and Stuff:
Worship Attendance: 502
Offerings: General $19,548 + $5,355 ACH + $6,577.50 online/text = $31,480.50. Tithe Challenge $100 + $230 online/text = $330. LPE $100. Missions $75 online/text. Samaritan $15 ACH. Hunger $40 online/text. Noise Youth Choir $30. Youth $75 online/text. Refresh the Campus $100 + $50 ACH = $150. Disaster Relief $20 online/text. Noisy Offering $31.28

This weekend: What does the Gospel have to say to us about the Las Vegas shooting?