eGrace for 1/19/2017

Hey, Grace’rs,

This weekend we continue our deep dive into God’s grace as we look at what it means to be affirmed by God’s grace (Luke 13:10-17).  Families with last names starting with L-R have the food table this weekend.  Jeff and I were in Seattle last weekend.  I joined Michael Gurian and Gregg Jantz for a Summit on boys and girls.  It was an amazing event (although I was stuck in a sea of Hawks fans!).  It will be good to be back at Grace this weekend.

Reckless Generosity:
As a part of our year-long deep dive into God’s Radical grace, we’re going to celebrate a monthly opportunity for reckless generosity.  On the first weekend of every month I want to invite you, if you do not currently tithe (give 10% of your income to the church) to try it for that one weekend.  Based on how much you earn each week, give 10% of it to the church and begin the journey into God’s gift of tithing.  Our first Tithing Weekend: February 4/5.  

Coming Up:
January 28/29:  Called by Grace.

February 4/5: The Grace Game Plan (Super Bowl Weekend!).  I’ll give you the 30,000 foot view of the work we did last year on our mission and values, give an update on our search for an Associate Pastor, and take some Ask Pastor Tim questions.

February 11/12: Empowered By Grace.

Mission: Our Lake Pleasant Tutoring sessions begin again on Tuesday, January 31.  We’re also offering our yearly running program for the kids on Thursdays starting February 2.  Please sign up in the lobby to mentor these great kids or email Alycia at  There will be an info meeting after all the services the weekend of January 28/29 to learn more.

Valentine’s Dessert and Dance: Sunday, February 14, 6 pm
Enjoy a great dessert and dancing to your favorite classic love songs.  $5 per person.  $10 per couple.  (This is a fundraiser for our Youth Choir—The Noise).  Tickets in the lobby.

Germany 2017: This is the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and we are joining with Peace Lutheran in putting together a once in a lifetime tour to Germany in September.  We have another information meeting on Thursday, February 9@6:30 at Peace Lutheran.  Email or sign up in the lobby.  More information.

Men’s Bible Study: Saturdays@6:15-7:25 am.

The Man-Cave “So What Do I Do Now Now that Football is Over” BBQ, Sunday, February 19.  $5!  Register here.

YOLO (Active Adults): Tour of the State Capitol.  Date:  January 25.  Time:  1:00 p.m.
Details  in Lobby

Newcomer Orientation, Sunday, February 19@11:30.  
New to Grace? Come and learn more about the mission of Grace.  Free lunch and childcare.  Register here.

Stats and Stuff
Attendance: 768
General and Building $15,436.50 + $4,760 online/text = $20,196.50.  Noise Youth Choir $30.  Refresh the Campus $25.  Noisy Offering $40.51.

Contribution statements for 2016 were mailed out.  If you did not receive one and think you should, contact

See you this weekend!