eGrace for 5/24/2018

Hey, Grace’rs,

A few weeks ago I was visiting a church in North Augusta, GA. The speaker said something that, since that time, has been burning a hole in my soul. I’ve not been sure what to do with it, but the phrase was so brilliant I knew I needed to do something. I think finally I have an idea of how to share the empowering grace of that phrase with you this weekend. So I’m changing up what I was going to do this weekend and will move that to another weekend this summer. This weekend, as we launch into summer, I’ll share some thoughts with you on how to make this a summer of Sizzling Grace! Families with last names starting with S-Z have the Food Table.

This Saturday: After Sat@5 worship we will have a free ice cream social and a squirt gun free for all!

Coming Up:

The month of July: Ask Pastor Tim. We’ve not done this for awhile. For most of the weekends in July your questions will set the agenda for the message. Send your questions to and he will choose the top questions. I will answer them sight unseen (at least at the Saturday@5 service).

The month of August: Helping Homes Thrive. Topics: Screen Time. Faith Time. Play Time. Grace Time. Face Time.

Starting in September: Stories of Amazing Grace!

Also Coming Up:

Vacation Bible School@Grace: June 18-22. 4 years to 6th grade. Register in the lobby or at and hit the VBS tile.

Children’s Musical Theatre Camp@Grace: July 16-20. K-12th grade. Register in the lobby or at and hit the Musical Theatre Camp tile.

A reminder: The Grace Notes new album can be purchased—name your own price—through the link at our website:

Stats and Stuff:
Attendance: 654
Offerings: General $17,610 + $3,038 online/text + $102.66 Amazon Smile = $20,750.66. Hunger $250 online/text. Missions $500 + $130 online/text = $630. Youth $40 online/text. Grace Race $150. Noise $500 online/text. Noisy Offering $40.92

My gut tells me God has something big in store for you this weekend! But then again, what’s bigger than the good news of God’s grace through Jesus!