eGrace for 6/22/2017

Hey, Grace’rs

Great news: The worship center will once again be air-cooled! Why sit in your hot living room or overheated pool when you can enjoy great music, a compelling message, and communion, all in the air-cooled comfort of our worship center! Our theme: Jesus and the Nobleman’s Son (John 4:45-54). We’ll dig deep into what this story says about Jesus and his gift of life for you. Families with last names starting with L-R have the food table this weekend.

Coming Up in Worship:
July 1/2 Jesus and the Lame Man
July 8/9 Jesus and the Very Large Hungry Crowd
July 15/6 Jesus and the Dark and Stormy Night
22/23 Jesus and the Blind Man

(August 5/6—A “you don’t want to miss it” something something!)

Musical Theater Camp, July 17-21. Go to and hit the Musical Theater link to register.

A Magical Night of Music: featuring music from classic Disney movies, characters, and other fun stuff. Friday, August 11 and two performances on Sunday, August 13. Tickets: $3.00 per person. Available starting the last weekend of June.

For the Men—Coming in August
A Man’s Manly Guide to the Bible. The Bible is one of the most powerful tools for shaping men into followers of Jesus. But most men don’t know how to use the Bible and are afraid to admit it for fear of looking inadequate. This fun, interactive, man-friendly introduction to the Bible will give men the confidence they need to dive into God’s word to them. Every Saturday in August, 6:30-7:30 am. More details coming.

Stats and Stuff:
June 10-11
Worship attendance: 541
Offerings: General $16,408.50. Feed My Starving Children $24. Noise $30. Refresh Campus $50. Noisy Offering $71.1

June 17-18
Worship attendance: 506
Offerings: General $11,698.50 + $6,561.75 online/text = $18,260.25. Hunger $45 online/text. Missions $125 online/text. Youth $110 online/text. Noise $30. Refresh Campus $75. Noisy Offering $100.13

Another powerful story about Jesus the Life-Giver this weekend!