eGrace for 6/8/2017

Hey, Grace’rs

This weekend we will take one more pass through Jesus’ first miracle recorded in John: Jesus and the Wedding Crisis. Families with last names starting with G-K have the food table this weekend.

Coming Up in Worship:
June 17/18 Father’s Day: Yes, Virginia, there is something good about men!
June 24/25 Jesus and the Nobleman’s Son

July 1/2 Jesus and the Lame Man
July 8/9 Jesus and the Very Large Hungry Crowd

(August 5/6—A “you don’t want to miss it” something something!)


VBS Goes to the Movies, June 12-16. Go to and hit the VBS link to register.

Musical Theater Camp, July 17-21. Go to and hit the Musical Theater link to register.

A Magical Night of Music: featuring music from classic Disney movies, characters, and other fun stuff. Friday, August 11 and two performances on Sunday, August 13. Tickets: $3.00 per person. Available starting the last weekend of June.

For the Men—Coming in August
A Man’s Manly Guide to the Bible. The Bible is one of the most powerful tools for shaping men into followers of Jesus. But most men don’t know how to use the Bible and are afraid to admit it for fear of looking inadequate. This fun, interactive, man-friendly introduction to the Bible will give men the confidence they need to dive into God’s word to them. Every Saturday in August, 6:30-7:30 am. More details coming.

Stats and Stuff
A reminder to join the Reformation 5.00 club. As we get ready to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in late October, I’m inviting you to celebrate the Reformation with me by giving an extra $5.00 per week or $10.00 per week per household. Lavish generosity is the response of a heart reformed by the grace of God. And God uses our giving to mold us and shape us into generous people.

Attendance: 589
Giving: General $13,843 + $4,770 online/text = $18,613. Mission $125 online/text. Hunger $45 online/text. Youth $80 online/text. Grace Race $1,000. Noisy Offering $32.27.

The Noise Youth Choir Tour offering: $2,797.33.

I think this is going to be a fun, high-impact weekend. See you in worship!