eGrace for 8/31/2017

Hey Grace’rs,

This weekend we look at what it means to confess that we believe in the holy Christian Church. While increasingly our culture, including Christians, don’t see a high value in the Church, God sees things very differently. The Church matters deeply to God. I hope you’ll come this weekend and find out why it matters to you as well, and why that’s good news! Families with last names starting with A-F have the food table this weekend.

If you missed worship last weekend, you can get caught up by watching the sermon: Jesus is Lord. 

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to support the mission of Grace while you were gone, you can do so here.

And also also, if you didn’t get a chance to support the ELCA disaster relief for Texas offering, you can give here.

Coming Up in Worship:
September 9/10: We Believe in: The Forgiveness of Sins
September 16/17: We Believe in: The Resurrection and Eternal Life
September 23/24: We Believe in: The Holy Spirit

Coming this Fall:

For the Men: The High, Deep, and Wide Men’s Adventure. A one-day event on Saturday, September 16, at Grace, from 8:30-3:30, built around goof-ball competitions and man-inspiring sessions. Limit: 20 guys. $10 covers pizza and food. Register here. 

The Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study resumes Saturday, September 23@6:30 am.

For Parents: A 4 week interactive parenting experience: De-Stressing Parenting: A Parenting Free-For-All with Pastor Tim. Parents will choose the 4 topics and together we’ll work our way through them with grace, humor, and insight. Begins Wednesday, October 11. More to come!

For the Women: The new fall schedule will be out soon!

Kids Choirs… launch Wednesday evening, September 13. More info here.

Stats and Stuff:
Worship Attendance: 568
Offerings: General $15,523.50 + $1,235 Online/Text + $5,355 ACH = $22,113.50. LPE $36. Hunger $15 Online/Text . Mission $70 Online/Text. Youth $25 Online/Text . Refresh the Campus $50 ACH. Samaritan $15 ACH. Noisy Offering $69.11. Hurricane Disaster Relief (door offering) $1,337.36

Christ gave up his life for it—The Church. That’s you! Find out why this weekend.