eGrace for 8/3/2017

Hey, Grace’rs

This weekend we launch a new series exploring the depths of grace and faith through the Apostles Creed. We begin by looking at God the Creator. We will also feature a special music something something. That’s all I can say at this point! Families with last names starting with A-F have the food table this weekend. We will also bless our kids as they head off to school.

If you missed worship last weekend, you can get caught up by watching the sermon on Jesus and the Dead Man here. Also, if you didn’t get a chance to support the mission of Grace while you were gone, you can do so here.

Coming Up in Worship:
August: A New Series deep diving into the Apostle’s Creed.

August 12/13—We Believe in: Jesus the Savior (We will honor our teachers and give our kindergartners a Bible as they officially move into the full worship service)
August 19/20—We Believe in: Jesus the Redeemer and Lord
August 26/27—We Believe in: The Holy Spirit

A Magical Night of Music: featuring music from classic Disney movies, characters, and other fun stuff. Friday, August 11 and two performances on Sunday, August 13. Tickets: $3.00 per person. Tickets on sale at church or online.

For the Men—Coming this Saturday!
A Man’s Manly Guide to the Bible. The Bible is one of the most powerful tools for shaping men into followers of Jesus. But most men don’t know how to use the Bible and are afraid to admit it for fear of looking inadequate. This fun, interactive, man-friendly introduction to the Bible will give men the confidence they need to dive into God’s word to them. Every Saturday in August, 6:30-7:30 am. You can register online or at worship this weekend. $25 includes a manly Bible.  We already have almost 30 guys signed up so far!

Lego Building Party: Saturday, August 19, after Sat@5 Worship. $3.00 per kit (we have duplos for the littles). Free food! You can sign up online now.

Grace Fantasy Football Annual Draft Party: Sunday, August 20@1. We have room for only 11 teams this year. Sign up in the lobby.

Stats and Stuff:
Worship Attendance: 518
Offerings:  General $14,859.50 + $5,355 ACH + $4,009.25 online/text = $24,223.75.  Samaritan Fund $15 ACH.  Refresh the Campus $25 + $50 ACH = $65.  Backpack/School Supplies $364 + $100 online/text = $464.  Hunger $60 online/text.  Missions $125 online/text.  Youth $95 online/text.  Noise Youth Choir $30.  Noisy Offering $66.59

What you believe shapes how you live.  In whom you believe shapes you.

See you this weekend!