Thanksgiving Food Drive @ Community of Grace
This food will be distributed to our friends in the Lake Pleasant Estates Community.
Delivery of food boxes will be Sunday November 19th.

Bring in NO LATER THAN Sunday, November 19th
–    2 cans of vegetables
–    2 cans or jars of gravy
–    2 cans of cranberries
–    2 boxes of stuffing
–    one 10 pound bag of potatoes
–    2 cans of yams
–    1 large roasting aluminum pan

Bring in ONLY on Saturday, November 18th OR Sunday, November 19th
–    2 packages of rolls
–    1 pie

This year we will be taking financial donations for the turkeys.  Any amount is welcome.  Suggested donation – $20 – $25.  If writing a check, make it out to “Community of Grace” and write “Turkey” in the memo.  If making a donation online, type in “Turkey” in “Other (specify fund)” and then type in the amount in “amount to other.”