FAITH5 Plus 1 – 3/12/2017

As we focus on Give us this day our Daily Bread…Collect loose change this week for Feed My Starving Children. Look for it on the ground…in couches…don’t spend change but intentionally use bills to get change…to be put in the Kid’s noisy offering next weekend (and if you’re not a kid…put it in a baggy and hand it off!)

Scripture of the Week

Give us this day our daily bread

— Matthew 6:11
Nightly Challenge
Sunday Music: Highlight today’s scripture in your Bible. Go to and listen to the song by entering LP05 in the FINKlink box on the bottom left. What words or phrases jump out at you? Why?
Monday Art Encounter: What do you see in the images on the front page? How might it relate to the Fourth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer?
Tuesday Catechism Encounter: Open your Small Catechism or go online to Part III: The Lord’s Prayer. Hold hands and pray the prayer together. Now whisper, “Your will be done” three times. Shout it together three times. Whisper it again three times. Now read Luther’s explanation of the Third Petition. What word or phrase jumps out at you? Why?
Wednesday Game Night: Go to and play the Quizbowl game by entering LP05 in the FINKlink box on the bottom left column. Scroll to the bottom of the linked page and click “Launch Game.” Have fun!
Thursday Question: What are three things that worry people your age the most? What is one thing that worries you today? What would it take for you to give this specific worry totally and completely over to God? Will you dare do it?
Friday Role Play: Act out one of these situations.
1. A friend has lost a lot of weight. You notice she runs off to the bathroom every day after you eat lunch together. You are worried she may have an eating disorder. What do you say?
2. You have saved up money for months to buy your friend a wonderful birthday present. You can’t wait to give it to him. When he opens it, however, he seems less than impressed and hardly acknowledges it. How do you feel? What do you say?
Saturday Reflections: What was your highest high this week? What was your lowest low? Thank and praise God for the highest high. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with the lowest low. Close in Jesus’ name.