FAITH5 Plus 1 – 3/19/2017

PLUS 1 Assignment: This week pick up trash and litter wherever you see it.

Scripture of the Week

Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

— Matthew 6:12
Nightly Challenge
Sunday Music: Highlight today’s scripture in your Bible. Go to and listen to the song by entering LP06 in the FINKlink box on the bottom left. What words or phrases jump out at you? Why?
Monday Art Encounter: What do you see in the images on the front page? How might it relate to the Fifth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer?
Tuesday Catechism Encounter: Open your Small Catechism or go online to Part III: The Lord’s Prayer. Hold hands and pray the prayer together. Now whisper, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us” three times. Shout it together three times. Whisper it again three times. Now read Luther’s explanation of the Fifth Petition. What word or phrase jumps out at you? Why?
Wednesday Game Night: Go to and play the Quizbowl game by entering LP06 in the FINKlink box on the bottom left column. Scroll to the bottom of the linked page and click “Launch Game.” Have fun!
Thursday Question: What does forgiveness have to do with physical, mental and spiritual health? Why do you think Jesus added “…as we forgive those who sin against us” to this petition of Lord’s Prayer?
Friday Role Play: Act out one of these situations.
1. A friend took money from a club you belong to and told everyone you did it. Now everyone thinks you are a thief. The friend has come asking for forgiveness. What do you say?
2. Think of three additional situations where forgiveness is required. Act each out. What do you say? What do you do?
Saturday Reflections: What was your highest high this week? What was your lowest low? Thank and praise God for the highest high. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with the lowest low. Close in Jesus’ name.