G-Mission: You Won’t Want to Miss This!

Hey, Grace’rs,

As you read this Jan and I are on a plane back to Phoenix. We’re really excited to be back with you this weekend.

Alycia sent out this update to the staff on our work at the Lake Pleasant Mobile Home Park Estates. I was so awed by the work we are doing together that I wanted to share a few of the highlights with you. This should put a smile on your face for the rest of the week!

In Alycia’s words:

Sometimes I start getting a little disheartened by the stuff that happens at LPE. I forget that God is bigger than all of it. AND I need to rejoice in the small things….and sometimes these small things are not so small. They end up being even BIGGER than I could have hoped or prayed for. So, here is a little update on our work at the mobile home park.

Some of you have noticed a huge improvement in one of our boys. He has been doing so well in school they are talking about mainstreaming him – this means he would no longer have to attend a different school for his behavior issues. And a few weeks ago I connected with his counselor (Grace has been covering his counseling sessions). He had shared with her that he knew that not only did he have his dad, he had his Heavenly Father – God!! So, way to go Grace, GAC, Kristy, Austin and Jack—you have had such a profound impact on his life!!!

Also, a parent from LPE came to watch the kids perform for VBS at the Saturday night service. She also dragged her mom along and made her mom stay through the service. When I spoke to her later in the week, she said “Did you see I got my mom to stay through church?! I told her, you know, it’s not so bad. It’s not like a regular church.”

Although on a side note – she did say she was disappointed Pastor Tim was not there. And to let him know he missed a Once in a Lifetime opportunity….so, Pastor Tim, no more sabbaticals to Germany 🙂

We just finished up VBS at Lake Pleasant Estates yesterday and we had a fabulous week!

We had 18 kids come almost everyday and 7 more that popped in for a day for a total of 25 kids!!

I also had an awesome group of 13 volunteers that helped during the week. Ten of them were my regular volunteers, but 3 were newer to the outreach at LPE!

It was, of course, chaotic as usual. The youngest was 3 years old and the oldest was a freshman in high school. And we were all crammed into the community center. But, everyone seemed to go with the flow. AND the kids surprisingly really retained information. The last day the kids got up in groups to share what they learned. It was pretty impressive!!!

The first day we talked about how God created everything. Here’s a conversation I had with one of the kids:

Kiddo – “Who created God?”

Me – “No one. God always existed.”

Kiddo – “But, how?!”

Me – “He was just always there.”

Kiddo – “But how?!”

Me – “Well, that is the million dollar question.”

Kiddo – “They didn’t have a million dollars back then!”

Note to self – Questions from kids are hard!!

It has been such an honor to watch these kids grow the past 2 1/2 years. And even more exciting to watch how they touch the lives of the volunteers that work with them. I feel so proud to be a part of a church home that supports this type of ministry. Way to go Grace!!!