Online giving:
If you’ve already used Text Giving in the past, click on the ‘Sign In’ link at the top of the form and enter your cell phone #. If you haven’t used Text or Online Giving before, click on the ‘Give Now’ link at the top of the form.




At Grace, we give a portion of what God has given us back to Him, not because He needs it or requires it of us, but because we believe it is a form of worship and will ultimately lead us closer to Him.

If you would like assistance to set up text giving or online giving, please email

If you would like assistance to set up automatic Bill-Pay through your bank, please email

You simply use the camera on your SmartPhone to hover over the QR Code, and you will be linked to Shelby Online Giving.  You will need to set up your information the first time you use this, but once you’ve done that, the only time you will need to do anything is if your credit card on file expires.


Simply text an amount to 623-295-2484 to get started.
You can type the amount with or without punctuation.
(For example, you can either type 100 or $100, and it will still recognize it as a donation of one hundred dollars.)When you first text an amount to that number, you are brought to a URL where you will be asked to set up your information (name, address, credit/debit card, email address).
Once you’ve completed that information, the next time all you’ll need to do is text to that number and type in the amount.


  • Text the word EDIT to the same phone # (623-295-2484).
  • That will give a text reply with a link to
  • Tap the link
  • That should bring you to your Personal Info page
  • If all the personal info is correct, tap on the three lines in the top left section on “My Account”
  • Under My Account, select Payment Methods
  • Add in the new credit card under Add Payment Method
  • Be sure to tick the “Set As Default Payment Method” box so it will use the new card all the time
  • If you know you aren’t going to be using the old credit card again, you can delete the old card.
     Be aware, however, that it won’t let you delete the old card until you have a new default payment method.

If you need to change or update your card information, text EDIT to the same phone # (623-295-2484).  That will remove your old information.  Then text the amount you want to give to the same phone # again, and you will be asked to set up your information, just like you did the first time.

You can set up bill-pay through your checking account.  This can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or whatever works for you.  Many banks now provide this as a free service through your checking account.  The mailing address for the church is:

Community of Grace Lutheran Church
10561 W Pinnacle Peak Road
Peoria AZ 85383

You’re good to go!  Thank you for your generosity!!!!

How is my offering used?
Besides the ongoing expenses of staff, facility rental, worship supplies, and equipment, your offering supports these missionaries and mission agencies: