Grace.Forward! – 6/20/2019

Hey, Grace’rs,
Some of our Christian brothers and sisters wrestle with the issue of women in leadership. Some of our Lutheran friends don’t allow women to be pastors. And yet…scandalously, the first person to proclaim the risen Christ was a woman.  This weekend we look at her story as we continue our series on Unlikely Heroes of the Bible. Families with last names starting with S-Z have the food table this weekend.

Coming Up:

Worship Weekends: Unlikely Heroes of the Bible
June 29/30: Samson: A Man of Uncontrollable Appetites
July 6/7: Jonah: The Judgmental Prophet
July 13/14: Paul: The Terrorist
July 20/21: The Thief on the Cross
July 27/28: Thomas: The Doubter
New Fall Series begins in August: Christianity 101

Women’s Bible Study: 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus.  Bring your Bible.  Tuesday mornings (10:30-noon) and Tuesday Evenings (6:30-8:00).  Starts June 25.

Musical Theatre Camp, July 15-19th for K-12.

Stats and Stuff

Attendance: 452
Offerings: General $9,655.30 + $5,283.25 online/text = $14,938.55.  Grace.Forward! $778.56 + $425 online/text = $1,203.56.  Youth $20 online/text.  Mission $50 online/text.  Kowacz Memorial $100.  Noisy Offering $75.31

When Jesus calls us to follow him…it’s always a call to the most unlikely of people…including you!

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