Grace.Forward! – 7/25/2019

Hey, Grace’rs,

This week we wrap up our series on Unlikely Heroes of the Bible by turning our attention to Thomas and the power of doubt! Families with last names starting with R-Z have the food table this weekend.

If you missed last weekend’s message on the Thief on the Cross you can view it here.

Coming Up:

Worship Weekends: Unlikely Heroes of the Bible
July 27/28: Thomas: The Doubter

New Fall Series begins in August: Christianity 101
August 3/4: What is Prayer
August 10/11: How do I Pray?
August 17/18: Why Christianity?

Staring in August we’re going to read through the whole Bible (1 chapter from each of the 66 books of the Bible). More to come!


From Dr. VanderWeele of Harvard:
✔️ Regular religious attendance reduces the likelihood of depressive symptoms by 12% and the use of illicit drugs by 33%
✔️ Weekly church attendance reduces mortality by 20 to 30% over a 15-year period

Women’s Bible Study: 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus.  Bring your Bible.  Tuesday mornings (10:30-noon) and Tuesday Evenings (6:30-8:00).  Starts June 25.

General Admission tickets ($5) will be available at Grace during weekend worship (Sat@5pm, Sun@8:45 & 10:15) and online beginning July 13th.

A rite of passage program for Jr High boys and their dads, starting in August.

A rite of passage program for Jr High girls and their moms, starting in September.

Stats and Stuff

Attendance: 426
Offerings:We didn’t get the offering stats in time for this email.

When Jesus calls us to follow him…it’s always a call to the most unlikely of people…including you!

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