Grace.Forward! – 8/28/19

Hey, Grace’rs,


This weekend we continue our look at Christianity 101: What is the Church? With fewer people believing the church matters to faith, why does Jesus place such a high premium on it? Is it essential to bold, reckless, faith?
If you missed the message on marriage from last weekend you can view it here.
Families with last names starting with A-F have the food table this weekend.
At the end of this week you’ll be receiving a September Preview email with all of the upcoming events for you and your households. Please print it out as a reference!

Coming Up:
Worship Weekends: Christianity 101
August 31/September 1: What is the Church and Why it Matters to God… and to You!
September 7/8: Why Was the Bible Written?
September 14/15: How do I read the Bible? (and why is the Old Testament so violent?)
September 21/22: Who is Jesus?


A rite of passage program for Jr High girls and their moms, starting in September.

Stats and Stuff
Attendance: 443
Offerings: General $14,911; Youth $20; Mission $50; FMSC $20; Noisy Offering $24.27
If you want to learn about why Jesus is so bullish on the church, you’ll want to come to church this weekend!
See you this weekend.