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Faith.Forward! – 1/20/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Faith.Forward! Assignment: Delay! Think about one thing you buy on a daily basis that in reality you could do without. For example, that $5 cup of coffee. Imagine giving up $5 five days a week for a year. That would save you $1300 a year! Consider delaying that purchase when the moment […]

Grace.Forward! – 1/17/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, _______________ Grace.Forward! Countdown to March 27, 2020 (15th Anniversary)   Grace Moment #15   In early December, 2004, Pastor Tim woke up one morning with the sense that God wanted him to start a new congregation. Tim had been on staff at Community Church of Joy for 22 years. He and Jan believed […]

Faith.Forward! – 1/13/2018

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Faith.Forward! Assignment: Assess! Before making any kind of purchase, take a breath and assess. Do I need this…or want this? Is this the best use of my money? If I don’t make this purchase, what are the downsides? What are the upsides? And if I do make the purchase what are the […]

Grace.Forward! – 1/10/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, _______________ Amazing Grace…how sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost…but now I’m found, Was blind…but now I see! _______________ Grace gives us the eyes to see ahead. And what we see ahead is Jesus, leading us forward into life. As we continue our 15 month countdown to […]

Faith.Forward! – 1/6/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Faith.Forward! Assignment: Take Stock! Go through a drawer, a closet, or your garage this week and thank God for what you have…and make a “give away” or “garage sale” pile of stuff you don’t need, want or use anymore. Also, check out this very easy way to bring sanity to your finances: […]

Grace.Forward! – 1/3/2019

Hey, Grace’rs, _______________ Forward: Any movement toward what is or is considered to be the front or the goal Directed toward a point in advance. — Follow me! —Jesus _______________ This week we begin our 15 month countdown to our 15th Anniversary (March 27, 2020). Our theme for the next 15 months: Grace.Forward!  In life we’re […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 12/30/2018

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 Assignment: Look back over 2018 and think about one or two people who made your year special. Send them a text or email to tell them why and thank them. FAITH5: Tonight and every night before you head to bed spend some time with those you love and do this […]

eGrace – 12/27/2018

Hey, Grace’rs, Our Final Weekend of Worship for 2018 is here!  We’re going to end the year and launch into the new one with great worship and a fun, compelling message on the call of Jesus to live a life of grace in a world of nastiness and ugliness.  The kids will help me with […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 12/23/2018

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 Assignment: Now is the time to remind that friend or family member about joining you for one of our Christmas Eve services: Sunday@3:30 and 5:30. Monday@3:30, 5:30, and 7:30. FAITH5: Tonight and every night before you head to bed spend some time with those you love and do this faith-building […]

eGrace – 12/19/2018

Hey, Grace’rs, For 5 weeks we have been racing toward the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  And it’s finally here! Here’s all you need to know to enjoy the sacred, compelling, reckless power of Christmas: Weekend Services: Saturday@5, Sunday@8:45 and 10:15.  Our annual Carols, Cookies, Communion Grace Christmas Party Worship Service.  This is a tradition […]