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FAITH5 Plus 1 – 2/19/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, for the next several weeks we will be using a souped-up version of FAITH5. You will notice special things to do each day to embed the message for the week into your heart and soul. This will be especially engaging for families with kids. (Note for Tuesday…you can find Luther’s Small Catechism on […]

eGrace 2/16/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, This weekend we launch a new series in our year long Prodigal Reformation Adventure: The Prodigal’s Prayer. We’re going to deep dive into the Lord’s Prayer and not only what it teaches us about prayer, but about what it does in and us through us when we pray it. After each service we’ll […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 2/12/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 assignment: Spend a few minutes on , a United Nations Food Program that will donate rice to hungry people for every question you get right on their learning web site. You can learn vocabulary, French, Chemistry and even answer SAT prep questions. This is made possible through corporate sponsors you’ll […]

eGrace for 2/8/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, This weekend we wrap up our series on the Reckless Power of Prodigal Reforming Grace by looking at what it means to be Empowered by Grace (Luke 10:25-37). Families with last names starting with G-K have the food table this weekend. If you missed last weekend, I highly encourage you to watch the […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 2/5/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 assignment: Surprise someone this week with a gift of grace (pay for someone behind you in the fast food line/give someone a gift card/offer to help someone with a project, etc.) FAITH5: Tonight and every night before you head to bed spend some time with those you love and do […]

eGrace for 2/2/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, This weekend I’m back refreshed from vacation (or as refreshed as I can be after an overnight flight arrive early Saturday morning!) In honor of the Super Bowl we’re going to spend some time this weekend looking at the Grace Game Plan. For the last few weeks we’ve been preaching on a part […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 1/29/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 assignment: Next weekend is the first of our new monthly “tithe” weekends. If you have never experienced the power of joy of giving 10% of your income to God’s work, I want to invite you to do two things this week: 1) Pray about tithing this one weekend; and 2) […]

eGrace for 1/26/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, This weekend we continue our deep dive into God’s grace as we look at what it means to be Called by Grace, (Luke 14:15-24).  Families with last names starting with S-Z have the food table this weekend.  Great buzz about this series so bring some friends along! Reckless Generosity: As a part of […]

FAITH5 Plus 1 – 1/22/2017

Hey, Grace’rs, Your Plus 1 assignment: Pray each night for our new President, our country, and our elected leaders. You might want to look up some of leaders (Senators, Congressional leaders, etc) and pray for them and send them an email saying you are praying for them. This would be great to do with the […]