To invite all generations to follow Jesus on the bold, reckless adventure of grace!

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A monthly high-energy, activity and music based faith-building experience for kids K-5th grade. Bring a friend!  

Sunday, September 15th, 3 – 4:15 PM
Sunday, October 20th, 3 – 4:15 PM
Sunday, November 17th, 3 – 4:15 PM
Sunday, December 15th, 3 – 4:15 PM


What Parents, Grandparents and their Kids/Grandkids need to know about S-E-X.  A brain-science and researched based look at how to help our kids navigate the world of sex,along with a plan for protecting them from social media exploitation.  Led by Tim Wright, co-host of the Wonder of Parenting Podcast and Alycia Wright, who has a law degree in International Human Rights Law and has worked with at-risk youth for over 8 years.
Sunday, September 15, 3:00-4:15.  Free!  (During Sunday Live)


Hey Parents,

Because our call is to forge followers of Jesus, we offer inter-generational worship (ages kindergarten on up):

  • Research shows that next to faith formation in the home, the best way to build dynamic
    faith is for generations to worship together.
  • When our kids don’t worship with us, they are highly likely to walk away from Christ
    and his Church once they reach college age (estimates run from 50-90%!).
  • If they are included as important members of the Body of Christ from childhood on,
    they are more likely to follow Jesus as adults.
  • When kids aren’t in worship with us, we miss out on the unique perspective of child-like
    faith that Jesus calls us to.

At Grace, we intentionally offer creative ways to include our kids and youth in the worship experience and help them engage with the worship service.  Most weekends, the kids will be handed a worship sheet that will help them interact with the message, and mom and dad call help!

We do offer nursery and Pre-K for our youngest children and a cry room for families who may find their child needs a break from worship.

Again, our mission is to follow Jesus on the bold, reckless adventure of grace starting in the home, in partnership with the church, out into the world!

Pastor Tim


Wouldn’t it be great if your child came with an owner’s manual?  A how-to book on how to raise him or her? In their podcasts, Michael Gurian and Tim Wright serve as your guides through what they believe is the owner’s manual for your child: Your child’s brain. 

Michael and Tim each have over 30 years of experience using brain science research, best-practices, and their own wisdom as dads to help parents.  Join them now in a deep (and often quite humorous!) dive into that built-in how-to manual.

Check it out: