Men’s Ministry

To invite all generations to follow Jesus on the bold, reckless adventure of grace!

MEN of GRACE – Pastor Tim

For the Men—Coming in August
A Man’s Manly Guide to the Bible. The Bible is one of the most powerful tools for shaping men into followers of Jesus. But most men don’t know how to use the Bible and are afraid to admit it for fear of looking inadequate. This fun, interactive, man-friendly introduction to the Bible will give men the confidence they need to dive into God’s word to them.
Every Saturday in August, 6:30-7:30 am. $25 – Bible provided. Sign up in the lobby or HERE.

I hope you will make a commitment to join some of the other men of Grace and do something bold and reckless—grow in following Jesus!

Bold. Reckless. Men.

Tim Wright
Pastor, Community of Grace

A Rite-of-Passage program for 7th – 9th grade boys and 7th – 9th grade girls. These programs are designed to help junior high boys and girls learn how to become young men and women who follow Jesus in Heroic Manhood and Wise Womanhood.  For information on the next boys Rite of Passage session, contact Pastor Tim at  For information on the next girls Rite of Passage session, contact Alycia at