TEXT GIVING 623-295-2484

Follow these steps to get started:

Simply text an amount to 623-295-2484 to get started.
You can type the amount with or without punctuation.
(For example, you can either type 100 or $100, and it will still recognize it as a donation of one hundred dollars.)

When you first text an amount to that number, you are brought to a URL where you will be asked to set up your information (name, address, credit/debit card, email address).
Once you’ve completed that information, the next time all you’ll need to do is text to that number and type in the amount.

If you need to change or update your card information, text RESET to the same phone # (623-295-2484).  That will remove your old information.  Then text the amount you want to give to the same phone # again, and you will be asked to set up your information, just like you did the first time.

You’re good to go!  Thank you for your generosity!!!!