October 26, 2020

Hey Grace’rs,

HEADS UP:  This Wednesday, for our Bible Study, I’d be happy to respond to some of your questions inspired by our series on politics.  If you have some thoughts you want to share or questions that the sermons have raised, you can email them to me at  We’ll also dig a bit deeper into the sermon from the weekend.
A REMINDER:  The worship center is now open on the weekend.  We offer in-house worship Saturday@5 or Sunday@9.
You will want to RSVP at
Seating is limited due to physical distancing so the only way to attend the service will be via an RSVP.
Our live online service will continue to be available starting @ 5 pm Saturday on Facebook, and also on Youtube at 5 pm, The services are always available to you on both sites throughout the week.

Remember, as well, to support the ministry of your church family at

Prayer Time Livestream @ 6 pm.

Prayer Time Livestream @ 6 pm.

Bible Study @ 6:00 pm.
We’ll look at how Jesus interacted with the political powers of his day and answer questions you may have from the last two weekends.  You can email your questions to me at

The Wired Word Bible Study @ 7:30 pm
email Brita at for the link.

Worship Concert @ 6 pm on Facebook.  Tony and Lise are back with more of your favorite worship songs!

Prayer Time and Faith5 Friday with Pastor Kathleen & Josh @ 6 pm.
Men’s Zoom Bible Study @ 7:45 am. We are working our way through the scandalous parables of Jesus.  Email Tim for the link:

Saturday@5pm Worship (in-house and online) or
Sunday@9am Worship (in-house)
And remember to go to for all the information you need for attending the Saturday@5 service or the Sunday@9 service in-house.
Your pastoral care team stands ready to serve you. If you have a prayer request or need a pastoral care contact please email
The LORD be with you!

Tim Wright, Kathleen Lotz
Pastors, Community of Grace Lutheran Church

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Everything you need to know about how to give to Grace is at, but here is a handy summary for you to keep on hand:
(we are not charged any fees with this contribution option)
1.      Log in to your bank account
2.      Click on Bill Pay
3.      Agree to terms
4.      If there’s a section that asks, “if company can’t be paid electronically, we will mail the check”
  •  Click on that link
5.      Information you will need:
  •  Community of Grace Lutheran Church
  •  Account #: General
  • 10561 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Peoria AZ 85383
  •  623.572.0050
6.      Enter the amount and the date to send the contribution
  • If you’re wanting to set this up as a recurring contribution, choose AutoPay and set that up with the amount, frequency, etc.
If you have any questions, or if you would like someone to talk you through the setup, please email Jeff at with your phone number and Jeff will call you back.

Simply text an amount to 623-295-2484 to get started. When you first text an amount to that number, you are brought to a URL where you will be asked to set up your information (name, address, credit/debit card, email address).
Once you’ve completed that information, the next time all you’ll need to do is text to that number and type in the amount.
You simply use the camera on your SmartPhone to hover over the QR Code, and you will be linked to Shelby Online Giving. You will need to set up your information the first time you use this, but once you’ve done that, the only time you will need to do anything is if your credit card on file expires.

You can mail checks to:
10561 W. Pinnacle Peak Road, Peoria, AZ 85383

It’s crucial that we continue to support the mission of Grace through our giving. We need to be here for each other and for our community especially now!