YOLO (You Only Live Once) Active Adults

MARCH 2021
Here we are in March 2021, and if you are like almost everyone, you are wondering “Where did the past twelve months go?”  For some, it was a long twelve months; and yet for others, it seemed to have flown by…..almost like a lost period of time.  Wherever you are on that spectrum, we hope this finds you and those you love feeling well today and looking forward to a better and happier time in the coming months.

We are hoping to reconvene YOLO in October…..but, perhaps, in a somewhat altered format.  That may mean foregoing breakfast and starting at 9:00 AM, but maintaining our regular program with a great speaker and a period of socializing preceding that.

Honestly, we just don’t know right now what will work, or necessarily what our loves will be like then.  Certainly, with so many folks vaccinated and case numbers lower than they have been, things are looking brighter than they have for a long time.  We will have to remain vigilant over the next couple of months before we make a final decision.

Despite everything, on February 25, YOLO delivered a wonderful selection of items for our Abused/Neglected Children Project that we support every year.  Many YOLO’s made beautiful quilts, baby blankets, and baby hats, as well as donated boxes and boxes of clothing for these children whose needs, if anything, accelerated during the pandemic.  We had a pickup truck and three SUVs full and took everything to a group home for kids where they would be distributed among the 20 group homes we support.

It was sad to not be able to support our group home for the elderly at both Christmas 2020 and Easter 2020 AND 2021.  Our prayers are that we can resume both of those activities in the coming months.  Of course, we will need to resume YOLO for that to be a reality.

We hope resuming YOLO will be a source of hope and inspiration for you as the spring and summer days go by.  It will be so wonderful to see each other but know that we will only do so in a way that is safe for everyone.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Rod and Winona Passmore will be leaving the YOLO Committee, which means we are looking for two replacements for those positions.  Rod and Winona have been wonderful assets to the Committee, and we will miss their valuable input.  While they will remain active in YOLO, the open seats on the Committee must be filled.  If you are interested, please contact Lorette at larganbright@cox.net.

Perhaps some of you have gone back to church already and others are planning to do so in the near future.  Grace has been and remains a part of our daily lives through the multitude of online opportunities to “stay-connected.”  We are very grateful for that.

Until we meet again in person, whether at church on weekends or at YOLO in October, stay safe!  Stay healthy!  Our plans are that YOLO will come back stronger and more fun than ever.

Have a Blessed Easter and remember that you are loved, missed, and very important to us.



Questions? YOLO@BoldRecklessGrace.org