Last YOLO Breakfast of the Season
April 17, 2019
Breakfast – 8:30 AM * $8.00 per person * payable at door
It’s hard to believe that our current YOLO Season has flown by so quickly. Our LAST Breakfast this year is on April 17, and it will be a fantastic one! Come join us for good food, say goodbye to friends for the summer and hear an outstanding speaker.
Our speaker is from “AZ Power Paws”, an organization that trains Golden and Labrador Retrievers to assist adults and children with disabilities. Their focus areas are:
  • mobility assistance
  • PTSS/PTSD for civilians and veterans
  • diabetic alert
These are amazing animals, and our hope is that they will be able to bring one with them. Wednesdays, however, they go to hospitals and libraries.
If you are a “regular YOLO”, ask someone to join you for this special Breakfast. If you haven’t attended a YOLO Breakfast before, we invite you to join us. It is a real opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy yourself in a comfortable and casual setting.
YOLOS’ will be going to the group home that we visited at Christmas time to celebrate Easter. We will be bringing Easter treats for each resident along with a party table of special cookies, cupcakes, etc. Pastor Kathleen will go with us, and we will give communion for those who wish to be served.
We will kick off our next season on October 16 with a terrific speaker and a wonderful opportunity to hear about everyone’s summer adventures.
Have a wonderful summer. Stay safe if you venture away, and come back to us with wonderful stories to share. For those who stay in the Valley, have a good time and “stay cool.”