Aging with Grace

Feb 7, 2024:
Ms. Nicolle Tannaz, MSW 
Topic: Navigating with Grace
Nicolle will discuss some the challenges that elderly face on a daily basis.  Nicolle will discuss resources that exist, advocacy, and referrals.  Also some info on self care. 
Feb 14, 2024:
Mr. Mike O’Dell
Topic: Transitioning with Grace
Mile will discuss the process of moving a loved one to home care, group homes or other extended care.  Mike will discuss resources, the process of placing a loved one, self care. 
Feb 21, 2024:
Ms. Barbara Kvittiem-Barr, CPA
Topic: Living with Grace
Barbara will discuss financial issues related to extended care, some financial/legal issues.  Barbara will also discuss self care.
Feb 28, 2024:
Pastor Jose Valenzuela
Topic: Ending with Grace
Pastor Jose will discuss issues related to end of life care such as hospice, palliative care and the process for placement.  
12PM:  Lunch (Bring Your Own Lunch)
12:15:   Introduction of Speaker
12:45:   Q&A
  1:15:   Close
For more information, please contact Pastor Jose

To watch the Aging With Grace series, click the links above within each session’s description, or click on the video links below.

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