To invite all generations to follow Jesus on the bold, reckless adventure of grace!


NANCY SCHWANDER, Children’s Ministry Director!
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Our SUPER Leaders!

Your family is in good hands at Community of Grace!

Nancy Schwander is your go-to person for Children’s Ministries! Nancy organizes our volunteers for the Check-in Kiosk, Nursery, and Discovery Club, and she makes sure you have all of the information your family needs in order to get involved and grow in faith.

Not only is Chip Wilson our Youth Director, but in 2023 Chip will also be working with the Discovery Club volunteers to bring each lesson to life through engaging curriculum and activities.

Together, Chip & Nancy will be planning family events and opportunities for kids of all ages to connect with Jesus and our faith community! This dynamic duo is responsible for the Grace Family Team as well as our network of volunteers who serve as leaders and teachers for kids and youth at Grace.

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VBS JUNE 26-30
More details to come . . .

Contact Nancy:

JULY 10-14, 9am – 3pm
Camp Show Friday, July 14 @ 6pm

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It’s Just a PHASE, So Don’t Miss It!
If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the PHASE parenting handout for each of your kids this fall, visit the Grace Families Facebook Group for a downloadable copy! We’ve crammed LOTS of valuable information onto each page, to give you tools for parenting each of your children in their current phase of life. If you’re not already a member of the Grace Families Facebook Group, request to join here: 
Parents of Preschoolers
    • You can check your child into the Nursery at the beginning of worship  OR continue to bring them in after the noisy offering (parent’s choice)
    • Staff & volunteers will have a short Bible story and lesson for preschoolers in the Nursery during both services (but they’ll have time to play, too!)
If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in our new combined Nursery/PreK room, contact Nancy:




Now is the Time to Make a Difference at Grace

Youth and adult volunteers are needed to staff these exciting new programs! Parents are encouraged to volunteer once a month (or more!) in any of these ministry areas.
Click the links below to begin the application process, or contact Chip for details: 


Hey Parents,

Because our call is to forge followers of Jesus, we offer inter-generational worship (ages kindergarten on up):

  • Research shows that next to faith formation in the home, the best way to build dynamic
    faith is for generations to worship together.
  • When our kids don’t worship with us, they are highly likely to walk away from Christ
    and his Church once they reach college age (estimates run from 50-90%!).
  • If they are included as important members of the Body of Christ from childhood on,
    they are more likely to follow Jesus as adults.
  • When kids aren’t in worship with us, we miss out on the unique perspective of child-like
    faith that Jesus calls us to.

At Grace, we intentionally offer creative ways to include our kids and youth in the worship experience and help them engage with the worship service.  Most weekends, the kids will be handed a worksheet to help them interact with the message, and mom and dad can help!

Again, our mission is to follow Jesus on the bold, reckless adventure of grace starting in the home, in partnership with the church, and out into the world!

Pastor Tim



Wouldn’t it be great if your child came with an owner’s manual?  A how-to book on how to raise him or her? In their podcasts, Michael Gurian and Tim Wright serve as your guides through what they believe is the owner’s manual for your child: Your child’s brain. 

Michael and Tim each have over 30 years of experience using brain science research, best practices, and their own wisdom as dads to help parents.  Join them in a deep (and often quite humorous!) dive into that built-in how-to manual.

Check it out: