Fall Campaign 2023


You are invited to join with your Grace family
in a month long journey in the Way of Wisdom.
During this adventure, we’re going to plumb
the depths of God’s love for you and for the
world God created.

Inspirational worship services (in-house and online)
      focused on the life-transforming Way of Wisdom:
      October 7/8 (Wonder: Be Curious!). 
      October 14/15 (Identity: Be In Christ!).
      October 21/22 (Sufficiency: Be Content!). 
      October 28/29 (Extravagance: Be Generous!).
A growth guide containing two questions: 
      “Where am I now?” and
      “God, where do you want me to be?”
Two Minute Adventures in the Way of Wisdom:
      A 20-day devotional
An opportunity to respond to God’s grace through
      a giving goal
A prayer reminder to put on your bathroom mirror
The Way of Wisdom Celebration Sunday,
      October 28/29 at both services and online
Begin with this prayer: Jesus – show me how wide, how long, how high, and how deep your love for me and for your world really is.  Open me up to your Way for me.


Set aside an Hour each weekend to join your Grace family for worship in-house or online.


Take two minutes a day – five days a week – to walk through the devotional guide.


Begin to pray through your giving response by reviewing the two questions in the growth guide: WHERE AM I NOW? and GOD, WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO BE?


Put the prayer cling on a mirror where you’ll see it every day and pray the prayer.


Make it a point to engage with the resources that will inspire you to experience the fullness of God in your life as you follow the Way of Wisdom.
CAUTIOUSI’m not sure I can afford to give.  I’m not sure how to give, but I’d like to try it.
CURIOUS:  I’m testing the waters and give when something moves me.
CHEERFUL:  I regularly give a specific amount.
CONSCIENTIOUS:  I am growing in my giving by increasing the percentage I give.
CELEBRATORY:  I give 10% of my income away each year.
CAPTIVATED:  I’m building my life on generosity by going beyond 10% in my giving.
– At the end of the Journey, choose where God is leading you in preparation for making your giving goal. –

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