Worship at Grace

Worship is the radical call of our Creator to re-order our lives around his reckless grace; to follow Jesus into the throne room of God’s counter-cultural life-transforming love.

At Grace, worship forges faith in us through an informal environment, contemporary music, weekly communion, 10-12 minute messages that proclaim God’s grace in Christ, and a time to invest in God’s work of bringing grace to the world through our offering.

Our worship community is multi-generational.  Kids can participate in the worship experience with a kid’s time, (sometimes a song, sometimes a story) and a kid’s “worksheet” to help them engage with worship and the message.

All are invited to participate in communion.  Membership is not required and age is not a barrier. Infants through adults can commune with us as communion is God’s gift of grace given to us as Jesus is present with us in communion.

Because of what God does in worship, and as we respond to his work through following Jesus, worship does forge faith in us—a faith based on God’s lavish, reckless, radical, world-changing love!

Tim Wright
Senior Pastor, Community of Grace

Josh Pontious
Associate Pastor, Community of Grace